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Antioch Accepts First Four Students

Antioch College recently accepted its first four students for the entering class of 2011. These students will be Horace Mann Fellows; working with the College administration and faculty, they will be tasked with building the new Antioch and creating its culture. They will shape programs and help construct the experience they envision. In return, Antioch College will award these students with full four-year scholarships.

James Michael Russell, one of the four students accepted so far, said recently to the Yellow Springs News: "I want to go to finally realize my only dream of the past few years, to be an Antiochian. I want to go to Antioch...for what the college represents: not just the vital three C's, that is co-op, classroom and community, but also the kind of person it creates." Kristen Pett, the Special Assistant to the President for Enrollment, said to the News that these first four students were out of 17 early admissions applications. Pett also said that the initial group is "strong, intellectually inquisitive and from a range of educational backgrounds." She went on to say that they are also diverse in race, gender, and background.

The deadline for regular admission has been extended to March 1st. Students will be notified by April 1st, and then students will have until May 1st to let the college know if they will be accepting the Fellowship and entering in the fall.

Pett also told the News that applications were coming in at a steady pace. "We continue to attract some of the most talented and community-minded [high school] graduates," she said.

More information on the Horace Mann Fellowships, including applications and nomination forms, can be found at the Antioch College website.

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