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Matthew Derr Named Next President Sterling College

Matthew Derr, GLCA Visiting Fellow, Named Next President of Sterling College

The Great Lakes Colleges Association is pleased to announce that Matthew Derr, the first Visiting Fellow of the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA), has been named the next President of Sterling College.

Located in Vermont, Sterling College is a small, progressive, liberal arts school and one of only seven Work-Learning-Service colleges in the nation. "This is an exciting development – it is a natural progression in his career," said Richard Detweiler, GLCA President. He went on to say that "Matthew brings tremendously valuable experience to Sterling; furthermore, the values of the institution are very aligned with his own deeply held beliefs."

Derr served as a GLCA Visiting Fellow since December 2010, making great strides in the development of a culturally appropriate recruitment approach in India and China. "Derr's ideas have been invaluable to the continued success of GLCA colleges in this area," said Detweiler.

Derr is an 1989 graduate of Antioch College and served as Interim President for the newly independent Antioch College after intense months of negotiating with Antioch University on behalf of the alumni to purchase Antioch College.

Detweiler added "We are delighted to have had such an accomplished person join the GLCA as a Fellow. There are many ways to exhibit leadership in higher education -- reinventing an institution, addressing critical challenges in creative ways, saving a college from oblivion, reimagining education, developing optimistic and enthusiastic support from faculty and staff, or inspiring unprecedented levels of alumni support – and Matthew has done them all through his work here at GLCA and as well as in his previous professional work. His many GLCA friends expect great things from Matthew and wish him the best on his journey."