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2008 GLCA Conference on Transnational Feminisms


Transnational Dialogues:


De-centering the Academic Debate on Global Feminisms


September 26-28, 2008


Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio



The internationalization of local feminisms has significantly impacted how, in recent years, research agendas are structured in the U.S. and elsewhere. Feminists from all over the globe are addressing how globalization brings about new forms of gender inequality that, in many cases, are rooted in older histories of colonialism and racism. These transnational approaches move across national boundaries to assess political, economical, and cultural shifts affecting women’s lives, and emphasize connections without necessarily creating similarities. Within the U.S., feminists of color who had experienced first hand race and class biases were the first ones to create a network that included new social movements and transnational alliances. The exclusion that women of color from different racial, ethnic, physical, national, or sexual identities experienced created the conditions that generated novel coalitional movements.


Academic debates have tended to ignore other overarching issues that have produced their internationalization. Local feminisms went global during the 1990s, and produced contentious debates over the goals and strategies of feminist politics. These transnational dialogues resist essentialism and universalism and propose theories and methods that go beyond the exclusive focus on gender to make visible other forms of oppression where issues of race, class, culture, and sexual orientation intersect.


This conference seeks to engage scholars from various areas of the globe in a dialogue to challenge exclusions and omissions of these debates in mainstream academia and college curricula. Papers, panels, and workshops may be on, but are not limited to, any of the following topics:


· Theories, Methods and Challenges of Transnational Feminisms


· The Politics of the Global / Local Dynamic in Women’s Literary and / or Artistic Productions


· Feminist Geographies and Transnational Flows: Globalization, Immigration, and Displacement


· Politics of Sexualities


· Women’s Movements, State Building, and the Growth of Civil Society


· Community Building through Technology


· Building Academic Alliances Within and Beyond Women’s and Gender Studies Programs


To register: Transnational Dialogues: De-Centering the Academic Debate on Global Feminisms


Email your questions to: Professor Clara Román-Odio or Professor Marta Sierra.







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