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The GLCA Pathways to Learning Collegium seeks faculty proposals for pedagogical innovations to improve learning



In spring of 2008 GLCA received a grant from the Teagle Foundation to support the development of alternative approaches to undergraduate teaching derived from research on how learning occurs.


GLCA seeks proposals from faculty of its member colleges, in all academic disciplines, for projects to develop, implement, and assess the impact of new or alternative pedagogies derived from research on learning through recent decades. Grants to support faculty explorations of different learning pathways for undergraduates may range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the nature of the project and the number of courses, faculty, and students involved.


Project designs should include a comparative framework to gauge the difference in effectiveness of traditional and innovative pedagogies. The unit of pedagogical experimentation may be a particular segment within a course, or two sections of a course taught by the same professor. Other configurations involving more than one professor may also be possible. It is not necessary that a faculty member have an expert’s knowledge of the research on learning to submit a proposal.


A Pathways to Learning Project Description and Request for Proposals (RFP) offers some representative literature citations that can provide a basis for proposals submitted. In addition, GLCA can arrange for telephone conversations with faculty members affiliated with the project who can provide guidance in the development of proposals that ground innovative pedagogies in research-based principles of learning.


Proposals for Pathways to Learning projects for the winter 2009 semester should be submitted to GLCA by November 15, 2008. Questions can be directed to Gregory Wegner, Director of Program Development at 734.661.2338.


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