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On May 1, 135 students from 30 states were honored as Newman Civic Fellows by Campus Compact. Among the honorees is Gretchen Curry, a student at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. The Newman Civic Fellows Awards recognize inspiring college student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country.

Dr. Frank Newman—one of the founders of Campus Compact—had a tremendous impact on American education and its role in the development of citizens who are eager and prepared to make a difference. He dedicated his life to creating systemic change through education reform, and he would have been inspired by this first group of 135 Newman Civic Fellows. They are, quite simply, reflections and affirmations of his life's work.

From 30 states, college and university presidents nominated the best-of-the-best college student-leaders. Through service, research, and advocacy, these Newman Civic Fellows are making the most of their college experiences to better understand themselves, the root causes of social issues, and effective mechanisms for creating lasting change.

"These students represent the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders. They serve as national examples of the role that higher education can—and does play in building a better world," explains Campus Compact President Maureen F. Curley.

Curry, a junior at Ohio Wesleyan, is constantly and deeply committed to organizing activities concerning social justice issues, including educating others about genocide and fund raising to help Africa's impoverished. A resident of West Hartford, Conn., Curry is a student leader for a campus-wide effort to assist an orphanage in Haiti. She is co-student coordinator of the Women's Resource Center. She lives in and participates in activities of "The House of Peace and Justice" at Ohio Wesleyan. She has been praised for her work tutoring inner-city children.

Ohio Wesleyan President Rock Jones, Ph.D., said Curry's dedication to service and strong leadership skills are well-known on campus.

"Gretchen is committed to making a difference in the world, and she does so every day," Jones said. "She exemplifies the ideals of both Ohio Wesleyan and the Newman Civic Fellows Award. She is a wonderful role model for students everywhere, and we are so proud of her."

Through service-learning courses and other opportunities for community engagement, colleges are developing students' critical public problem-solving skills such as the ability to research and analyze community needs, a willingness to lead and participate in public processes and debate, the commitment to raise awareness about community challenges, and the ability to inspire people to become part of solutions.

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