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Opportunity Knocks Announces Award Winners of 1st Annual Best Nonprofits to Work For

Opportunity Knocks announced the winners on January 14, 2008 of the 1st Annual People's Choice Best Nonprofit to Work For Awards. Winners were selected from nominations based on employee essay submissions. National nominations were held November 15, 2007 through December 31, 2007 and individuals were told to submit a brief essay on why they consider their organization a great place to work.

Nominators could take into consideration factors that are important to them such as, quality of work/life balance, their organizations' adherence to its mission, camaraderie of employees, unique benefits, training programs and career paths.

A total of fifteen (15) winners were awarded based on three categories of operating budget size.

"Opportunity Knocks saw the need to provide nonprofit professionals a platform to give recognition and appreciation to the organizations providing quality work environments for the people in jobs that change the world" says Karen Beavor, President and CEO of Opportunity Knocks. "The 1st Annual Peoples Choice Best Nonprofit to Work For Awards demonstrates how nonprofit organizations can not only make a difference in the community but also have an incredibly positive impact on the lives of the people that work for them."

Winning Essay:

The mission of the Great Lakes Colleges Association is to take actions that will help strengthen and preserve our colleges; and be a leading force on behalf of education in the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences. Rich in tradition, GLCA will continue to enhance our colleges by leading as new areas of opportunity and challenge emerge.

In addition to the promotion of liberal arts education, there is a unique camaraderie of employees. We are a small staff of nine and sometimes we may don funny hats and go off to a public restaurant for lunch or we may share the loss or pain of a colleague, it is because we are a family that cares. We celebrate one another’s accomplishments without jealousy. We do this because we are an outstanding staff and our leadership is such that any other behavior would be abnormal.

The twelve colleges that are within our consortium are like family as well. We feel their pain and celebrate their joys as if they were right here with us. We watch over these schools with love and affection.

My relocating here to Ann Arbor would have been traumatic except for the fact that I found a home here in GLCA complete with a family that cares. I have struggled with many personal and professional issues and with the help of my co-workers (aka family) I would not have made it. GLCA has also enabled me to graduate this May. Not many employers would pay for tuition and allow time to take off work to go to school.

I have never dreaded coming into work and I know my colleagues feel the same way. What other company can boast this? Yes, GLCA is special.

-Charla White


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