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In a partnership with the Library of Congress, the Great Lakes Colleges Association  invites proposals from faculty of its member colleges – and from the extended network of institutions participating in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance – to participate in a faculty/student collaborative research program drawing on the resources of the world’s most comprehensive research library. The program, called the GLCA-Library of Congress Faculty-Student Research Initiative, offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students and faculty mentors to receive direct support for scholarly research from designated Library of Congress research librarians – a level of research support generally accorded to advanced scholars.

The seminar will begin on Monday, July 16, 2018 at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC; the on-site research segment at the Library concludes at the end of the day on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. The program pays the travel, lodging, and food costs of the faculty leader during the ten days at the Library of Congress. The GLCA also helps to offset the costs that students incur who participate in the program through a modest research stipend and provision of housing in Washington, D.C. A full description of this and other elements of the program can be found in the program's request for proposals.  The deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday, February 3, 2018 for the program.  Decisions will be announced by Monday, March 5. 

For an account of an international research team from the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts in Slovakia, click here.

Summer 2017 projects

Expressions and Re/Interpretations in Literature and Art of Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, and Rio de Janeiro; A Digital Humanities Project
Hope College, Holland, Michigan, USA
Team Leader: Dr. María Claudia André, Modern and Classical Languages
Students: Brian Molhoek, Spanish/Social Work; Sara Plohetksi, Spanish Education/Comprehensive Ed

"A House Divided against Itself Cannot Stand": The Introduction of Democracy in Post-War Germany through Its Universities
American University of Paris, Paris, France
Team Leader: Dr. Roy Rosenstein, Comparative Literature and English
Students: Hannah Victoria Johnson, Classical Languages and German Culture; Hanna Magdalena Gressler, German Language and Culture

Assimilation Challenges for Pakistani Diaspora in United States of America
Forman Christian College University, Lahore Pakistan
Team Leader: Dr. Shehzadi Zamurrad Awan, Political Science
Students: Maryam Zafar, Political Science; Aleena Qaiser

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