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Sustainable News - Carbon Offsetting by Oberlin

Trees Planted in Carbon Offsetting Initiative


Oberlin Students gather in Tappan Square on November 10th to plant 26 new trees. 

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Full Circle - DePauw

Coming Full Circle

Sometimes life brings you full circle. For Modern Languages staff member, Heidi Menzel she has come full circle at DePauw. Her love of Chinese culture comes from her great grandfather's involvement with China; he was a high ranking American official in the 1930s. Later, he spoke out against Mao and struggled to help the Nationalist Party, which opposed Mao and his Communist Party.

Coming full circle(Heidi Menzel and son, Charlie)

Her grandfather grew up in China before returning to America. Remember that circle? Well, both her grandfather and father are DePauw graduates. When Professor Mou was a visiting professor in Taiwan last spring, Heidi was invited to manage and oversee the Explore Chinese program. The story doesn't stop here. Her unique ties and passion for Chinese, has led her first grade son Charlie, to be a student in the Explore Chinese after-school program. Although he is a bit younger than the others, Charlie's passion for the language and all things Chinese is evident. What started so long ago is still burning bright.

Menzel shared that she loves to go shopping and dining with the Chinese students. "It helps them relieve stress and gets them off campus," she shared. Working with the students and bringing her son into the program has helped to enhance his growing enthusiasm for the culture and language.

For more information on Explore Chinese see the January issue of the Beacon.

New Directions Initiative News - Oberlin

New Directions Helps Fund Oberlin's OASIS Program
(the Oberlin ArtS Intensive Semester)


New Directions has provided substantial funding for Oberlin's OASIS program (the Oberlin ArtS Intensive semester, where S = multiple art forms in collaboration).

The title of the show is "Water Ways (Part One of the Elements Cycle)".

"Who owns the water and how shall it be protected, managed, and divided among us? Water Ways focuses on our deep human connection to water and our local proximity to and reliance upon Lake Erie. Developed through a deep partnership with Oberlin College and Conservatory, this multi-modal performance incorporates music, dance and other performance forms into a spectacle of sound, movement, and meaning. The show will be created under the guidance of CPT Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan."

Sixteen students participated. The culminating experience is an evening of devised theater at the Cleveland Public Theater. The show opens on January 24.

Global Liberal Arts Alliance News - American University Nigeria

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