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Students Express Thanks to GLCA in Unique Way

Endeavour South Africa - Exploring narratives of peace and conflict in S. Africa - from the U.S. (Hope College), Lebanon (The American University of Beriut), and Slovakia (BISLA - Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts).

Students from the Peace Studies Course attending the South Africa trip have explored peace and conflict in South Africa.  Upon completing the course and posting their final essays to the blog, they send their thanks and appreciation to GLCA for making it possible.

Click here to see their powerful messages on their experience in South Africa.



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Allegheny Announces 2016 Civility Prize Winners


American Political Leaders Recognized for Important Moments of Civility in Presidential Politics and Throughout Distinguished Careers


Click here to read full press release.

GLCA Announces Winners: 2016 New Writers Award

GLCA Announces Winners of the 2016 New Writers Award

The Great Lakes Colleges Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 GLCA New Writers Award for fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Now in its 47th year, the New Writers Award confers recognition on promising writers who have published a first volume in one of the three genres. Winning writers receive invitations to visit GLCA member colleges, where they give readings, meet and talk about writing with students and faculty members.


Click here for winners.

ACTFL 2015 Presentation by GLCA Faculty Gabrielle Dillmann and Hanada Al-Masri

ACTFLY 2015 Presentation on Transforming Oral Proficiency

Transforming Oral Proficiency with Digital Pedagogy


GLCA Faculty Gabrielle Dillmann and Hanada Al-Masri, both of Denison University, have come together to create an informative and interesting website and presentation on new digital technologies and innovative hybrid teaching models to transform how to teach students communication skills both in and out of the classroom. 

Click here for the full presenation and website

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