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Joe Brockington of Kalamazoo College Passes Away

The GLCA was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Joseph Brockington, Associate Provost for International Programs at Kalamazoo College. Joe was an important and highly regarded leader in the international education community. His experience and insight contributed greatly to the richness of thinking within the GLCA’s International and Off-Campus Education Committee (IOCEC). Joe was a kind and generous-minded member of that group; he gave patient and considered answers to questions from colleagues of other GLCA institutions and contributed substantially to their learning curves. In his interactions with colleagues he combined a well-honed sense of humor with a seriousness of purpose.  He was always helpful to us as program officers and never failed to answer our questions.

Many will recall Joe’s story of being transformed by his own study abroad as an undergraduate – a formative experience that solidified a career that included several years as a faculty member in German, followed by his legendary leadership of Kalamazoo College’s International Education program. He fully embraced the ideal of providing students with a significant learning experience in another culture as part of their liberal arts education. He understood how complex and often challenging it could become to run programs that allow students to have such learning experiences, and he dedicated his professional life to overcoming the obstacles that could cloud that vision.

Joe Brockington was one of a kind in terms of the contributions he made to the consortium at large. We will all miss him.

-- Joyce Budai and Greg Wegner, GLCA program officers

For additional information on Joe's wonderful contributions to Kalamazoo, click here.

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