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GLCA Joins Encyclopaed Britannica's Publishing Partner Program

GLCA Joins Encyclopædia Britannica's Publishing Partner Program

Faculty of GLCA member schools are encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity to write articles and share research findings. Click here to visit the GLCA Publishing Partner Program page.

Encyclopædia Britannica offers a special outreach program for partnering institutions. As part of this program, members of a college, think tank, museum, academy, academic consortium, or graduate school are encouraged to contribute to Britannica in their areas of expertise and to join Britannica's stellar roster of contributors. Likewise, companies and institutions with expert knowledge that are looking for ways of expanding their outreach (especially through assets such as videos and photos) are also encouraged to contribute by taking advantage of Britannica's large, global audience. All articles and assets shared through this partnership will remain open to and freely accessible by the public.

Encyclopædia Britannica is the oldest continuously revised and published general reference work in the world (1st Edition, 1768), and it has worked with the world's premier institutions and published the foremost experts and scholars in the world – from public servants, social leaders, and heads of state to professional athletes, pioneering artists, and more than 110 Nobel Prize laureates.

Graduate students contributing to Britannica through this program will hone their writing and research skills while experiencing the editorial and publishing process and interacting with Britannica's editors and fact-checkers. College students may also participate upon a recommendation to Britannica.

The result for all contributors is publication with Britannica, whose websites reach millions of readers weekly, and an author page at freely accessible to the public and containing the contributors' biography, photo, and links to their personal and professional websites, signed Britannica article(s), and non-Britannica work; the covers of their published books can also be displayed and linked to The benefit to all member institutions is wider exposure to a global audience.

For more information on this program and how to contribute, contact Executive Editor Theodore Pappas at Encyclopædia Britannica.

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