Great Lakes Colleges Association

Strengthening Education in the Tradition of the Liberal Arts


Each member campus sends one faculty representative and its Director of Multicultural/Minority Affairs (or campus equivalent) to serve on the Committee for Institutional Commitment to Educational Equity (CICEE). The committee sponsors the annual Students of Color Leadership Conference and the bi-annual Black Studies Conference. Additionally, they inform and address the GLCA community on issues regarding diversity and educational equity.

Committee for Institutional Commitment to Educational Equity (CICEE)

Keena Williams
Intercultural Affairs
Albion College
Dominic Quinney
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies
Albion College
River Branch
Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Allegheny College
Valerie A. Guerrero
Assistant Director of the Center for Intercultural
Advancement and Student Success
Allegheny College
Kevin McGruder
Assistant Professor of History
Antioch College
Antioch College
Monica Ayala-Martinez
Associate Professor of Modern Languages 
Denison University
Erik Farley
Associate Dean of Students and
Director of Multi-Cultural Student Affairs
Denison University
Vince Greer
Director of Multicultural Student Services
DePauw University
Clarissa Peterson
Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the
Black Studies Program 
DePauw University
Laura Ronning Hutchinson
V.P. of Student Live/Dean of Students
Earlham College
Susan Lee
Associate Dean of Student Life & Director of
Diversity and Inclusion
Earlham College
Vanessa Greene
Director of Multicultural Life
Hope College
Fred L. Johnson, III
Associate Professor of History 
Hope College
TBA Kalamazoo College
Karen Joshua-Wathel
Associate Dean of Students 
Kalamazoo College
Ivonne Garcia
Assistant Professor of English 
Kenyon College
Chris Kennerly
Director of Multicultural Affairs & Associate Dean of Students 
Kenyon College
Alison Williams
Associate Dean of Academic Diversity & Director of
Multicultural Resource Center
Oberlin College
Erik Inglis
Professor, Medieval Art History
Oberlin College
Randolph Quaye
Director, Black World Studies Program
Ohio Wesleyan University 
Terree L. Stevenson
Director of Minority Student Affairs 
Ohio Wesleyan University 
Willyerd Collier
Director of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies
Wabash College
Tim Lake
Associate Professor of English
Wabash College
MarTeze Hammonds
Assistant Dean of Students for Retention
 and Academic Engagement
The College of Wooster
Shadra Smith
Director of the office of Multicultural Student Affairs
The College of Wooster


For more information on the CICEE committee, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .