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Multicultural Admissions Officers

The Multicultural Committee on Admissions (MCA) is a consortial group whose membership is drawn from Multicultural Recruitment Coordinators (or their equivalents) based at GLCA colleges. Membership is contingent on service in a capacity related to the group's remit which is described below. For their part, committee members elect the Convener and Co-Convener on a biennial basis, and protocol requires the existing Co-Convener to assume the role of Convener at the end of her or his term, while a new Co-Convener is elected thereafter.

The MCA's mission is threefold, namely to provide professional development and networking opportunities for its members in order to increase retention in a high turnover field, develop strategies to increase the population of domestic students of color on GLCA campuses and undertake community outreach via Planning for College (PFC), a pre-college planning program for middle school students.

The MCA meets once a year (typically in May ) on the campuses of GLCA colleges and holds a conference call in December.

Multicultural Committee on Admissions

Rachel Smith,
Admission Counselor 
Albion College
Brian Dalton,
Vice President for Enrollment & Communications
Allegheny College
Darnell Epps,
Assistant Director of Admissions & Coordinator of
Multicultural Recruitment
Allegheny College
W. Shane Creepingbear,
Admission Counselor and Multicutural Recruitment
& Enrollment Coordinator
 Antioch College
Nancy Gibson,
Senior Associate Director of Admissions &
Director of Multi-Ethnic Admissions
Denison University
Ellen Duran,
Admissions Counselor
Denison University
Orlando Ramirez,
Admission Counselor and Coordinator
of Multicultural Recruitment
DePauw University
Shenita V. Piper,
Senior Associate Dean of Admissions and Director of
Multicultural Recruitment
Earlham College
TBD Earlham College
TBD Hope College
Hillary Teague,
Assistant Director of Admission
Kalamazoo College
Maurice Hill,
Admissions Counselor
Kenyon College
Jarrett Tate,
Director of Multicultural Admissions
Kenyon College
TBD Oberlin College
Patricia A. Kelly,
Associate Director of Admission
& Coordinator of Diversity Recruitment
Ohio Wesleyan
Jamie Watson,
Associate Director of Admissions 
Wabash College
David Yokley,
Associate Director of Admissions
The College of


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