Great Lakes Colleges Association

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Chief Development Officers

Listed below are the names of those who serve as chief development officers at the Great Lakes Colleges Association's (GLCA) member colleges. While their individual titles may differ, each has essentially similar responsibilities in his or her respective institution. Chief development officers of GLCA's member colleges meet together periodically as the need arises.

 Chief Development Officers

Joshua D. Merchant,
Vice President for Institutional Advancement 
Albion College
Marjorie Klein,
Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs 
Allegheny College
Stephan Sturman,
Director of Leadership Gifts
Antioch College
Julie B. Houpt,
Vice President, University Resources & Public Affairs
Denison University
Jason G. Petrovich,
Executive Director of Development
DePauw University
Jim McKey,
Vice President, Institutional Development 
Earlham College 
David Vanderwel,
Interim Vice President for Advancement 
Hope College 
Albert J. DeSimone,
Vice President for Advancement 
Kalamazoo College 
Sarah H. Kahrl,
Vice President, College Relations 
Kenyon College 
William E. Barlow,
Vice President for Alumni and Development Affairs 
Colleen Garland,
Vice President, University Relations 
Ohio Wesleyan University 
Jonathan Stern,
Dean, College Advancement 
Wabash College 
Laurie Houck,
Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations
The College of Wooster 


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