Great Lakes Colleges Association

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Chief Business Officers

The chief business officers of the GLCA member schools meet annually, usually in June, to discuss matters of mutual interest. Additionally, three business officers serve on the GLCA Investment Committee for two-year terms.

Chief Business Officers

Jerry White,
Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Albion College
Sue Gaylor,
Executive Vice President 
Allegheny College
Andrea (Andi) Adkins,
Vice President for Administration and Finance 
Antioch College
Seth H. Patton,
Vice President for Finance and Management 
Dension University
Bradley A. Kelsheimer,
Vice President for Finance and Administration 
DePauw University
Sena K. Landey,
Vice President for Financial Affairs 
Earlham College
Tom W. Bylsma,
Vice President and Chief Fiscal Officer 
Hope College
James E. Prince,
Vice President for Business and Finance 
Kalamazoo College
Mark J. Kohlman,
Chief Business Officer 
Kenyon College
Michael Frandsen,
Vice President for Finance 
Oberlin College 
Dan Hitchell,
Vice President for Finance and Administration
& Treasurer of the University 
Ohio Wesleyan University
Larry Griffith,
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer 
Wabash College
Deanna McCormick,
Vice President for Finance and Business 
The College of Wooster


For more information about the chief business officers, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Vice President.