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The Global Alliance is a multilateral partnership of equals intended to strengthen education in the liberal arts and sciences. Specifically, the Global Alliance's strength derives from expertise and experience sharing, and its emphases on the challenges and opportunities facing institutions that educate graduates for citizenship and leadership in the highly-globalized twenty-first century.

In order to realize the following objectives, The Global Alliance will concertedly forge links amongst participating colleges through programs that:

  1. Allow institutional leaders - particularly presidents - to address common issues that all liberal arts institutions, irrespective of location, confront in their quest to operate effectively and to prepare students to be engaged and contributing citizens;
  2. Develop the expertise of faculty members and administrators, augment academic and nonacademic programs, improve the manner in which colleges operate, and enhance the success of Alliance institutions; and
  3. Promote international understanding and enhance discussion concerning the economic, political, social, intercultural and other challenges facing societies where Alliance colleges are located

About The Great Lakes Colleges Association

The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) is the founder and administrator of the Global Alliance. Chartered in the state of Michigan (USA) and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1962, it has been governed since its founding by a Board of Directors and charged with working on behalf of its member institutions, a consortium of thirteen private liberal arts colleges located in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The GLCA operates through an interlinked structure of committees, councils and advisory groups composed of administrators, faculty and staff members from the consortium's campuses. These groups contribute to the development of consortial initiatives and priorities; however, ultimate responsibility for the programmatic and financial activities of the Association rests with the Board of Directors. The organization's daily operations and programs are the responsibility of the President and staff members who are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The committees, councils and advisory groups that govern the GLCA and its activities work in cooperation with one another to provide support, guidance and feedback to the GLCA President and staff. The Board of Directors, which includes the President, leads the organization. The Deans' Council and Academic Council generate ideas and provide feedback regarding the organization's continuing programs and new initiatives. Both Councils are represented on the Board of Directors.

GLCA's advisory groups include the Committee for Institutional Commitment to Educational Equity (CICEE), the International and Off-Campus Education Committee (IOCEC) and the Women's Studies Committee. These groups are also in regular dialogue with the Deans' Council, and report their insights and ideas about strengthening consortial activity to that body.

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Great Lakes Colleges Association

Strengthening Education in the Tradition of the Liberal Arts

The Great Lakes Colleges Association
535 West William. Suite 301
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