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The Global Liberal Arts Alliance is an organization of 27 liberal arts colleges and universities, located in 15 nations, whose purpose is to strengthen education in the tradition of the liberal arts through the exchange of experience and the development of mutually beneficial programs.

The Alliance is managed by the Great Lakes Colleges Association.
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Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the New Directions Initiative provides support for the renewal and continued professional growth of liberal arts faculty members in 'mid-career' - the extensive professional period between receiving tenure and thinking seriously about retirement. A particular emphasis of this program is to help faculty members think outside traditional boundaries and divisions of their discipline and of typical faculty work - to chart a course that leads beyond the familiar waters of one's early academic achievements and embarks on the extended journey of a stimulating faculty career. Funding has been awarded to support 246 faculty projects. The program is now closed.

The Teagle-funded GLCA Lattice for Pedagogical Research and Practice takes a communal, multi-college approach to faculty development through: a cadre of Teagle Pedagogy Fellows that will travel to our member colleges in a series of Colloquies on Pedagogical Research and Practice; peer-reviewed Research-Based Alternative Pedagogy Projects; and a Digital Communication Network that allows for timely and substantive follow-up of campus engagements while providing convenient venues for interaction among faculty engaged in the exploration of alternative pedagogies as a form of scholarly research.

In creating a more visible and interactive cohort of faculty members who share an interest in strengthening teaching across our colleges, the program creates an environment that encourages more faculty members to engage in forms of professional practice that broaden the accepted domain of faculty work.  An important foundation for the GLCA Lattice for Pedagogical Research and Practice was the earlier Teagle-funded program called the GLCA Pathways to Learning Collegium, which provided support to 20 faculty-led pedagogical research projects to explore alternative pedagogies for particular courses and compare student learning results to those from more familiar teaching methods.  Click here for additional information about the GLCA Pathways to Learning Collegium.    Summary Description      General Program Description     Request for Proposals     Teagle Pedagogy Fellows   Selective Annotations of Research on Learning and Pedagogy  Summary of Key Themes from Campus Colloquies   

The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) Expanding Collaboration Initiative supports collaborative curricular initiatives involving faculty and key professional staff who share common academic interests. With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the program seeks to  foster multi-campus communities of practice, allowing them to share expertise, develop joint programs, bring new perspectives to current courses, and engage in new realms of thinking and creativity involving one or more academic disciplines. For a fuller description and Request for Proposals, click here.
Digital Liberal Arts Seminar and Presentations